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Support and service

computer repair

Subscription and non-subscription information services, computer support and service enable companies and ordinary users to have a secure partner in IT activities and services. Loyal Consult Plovdiv Ltd. can take on the role of an outsourced IT department to provide the services of your company. Whether it's problem solving or server database migration, you can rely on quick response and a professional attitude.

On-call Support

Loyal Consult Plovdiv Ltd. also provides services on-call, without a subscription contract. The price is based on the complexity of the problem and the desired response time, but customers with a contract always have priority over those who use our one time on-call services.

Server maintenance

Server maintenance is done by a team of proven professionals with many years of experience. We maintain constant monitoring of hardware parameters and prevent overloading of individual components. Regularly, software updates are made to improve productivity or to remove security gaps.

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  • Payment Options: In cash, bank transfer or Paypal.